We offer a complete line of products to round out a full Mini-Karting Entertainment center.

The Karts

  • XLR8R Speedster Electric Go Kart for Kids (8-18)

  • XLR8R Mini Electric Go Kart for Kids (3-9)

  • Excellent handling performance

  • Speed Control

  • Emergency Stop

  • Driver Profiles

XLR8R Speedster Electric Go Kart for Kids (8-18)

XLR8R Speedster Information Sheet-1

XLR8R Mini Electric Go Kart for Kids (3-9)

XLR8R Mini Information Information Sheet-1

Barrier System

Our track barrier system  is know as the best balance between durability and elasticity for maximum impact absorption throughout the connected barriers. The controlled absorption solution prevents bouncing back effect and ensures driver safety and minimizing kart damage.


  • Absorbs impacts
  • Minimizes equipment damage
  • Obtains an anti-embedded affect
  • Obtains an anti-slow down effect
  • Can be filled with water
  • Low wall protection for XLR8R-Mini


  • Easy setup
  • Easy to maintain
  • Events or permanent
  • Can be shaped perfectly for
  • Any curves & turns
  • Can setup entire track in 1 hour
Race Zone Barriers 4
  • Race Zone Karting Software Service 1
  • Race Zone Karting Software Service 3
  • Race Zone Karting Software Service 2
  • Race Zone Karting Software


Registration Kiosks

With Kiosk software, the experience for your customers at your center starts at the moment of registration.

Mobile App

Use it as a mobile racing license, loyalty program, and a messaging system. It’s a great way to stay connected to your drivers as they take you with them in their pockets.

bmi leisure
  • SaniBoxx


Ride Safe UVGI Helmet Decontamination Unit

Ride Safe uses UV-C (UVGI) short wavelength UV light at 254nm. Our system is Non-Ozone producing. The EPA have issued warnings about using ozone for viral decontamination of anything that is around an area where people could breathe in residual ozone, as it is known to cause respiratory problems.

The unit incorporates a UV Safe glass door with safety interlock to prevent the lights from being active while the door is open. UV-C energy at this intensity is harmful to RNA and DNA, whether a virus or person, so we have incorporated this safety feature to ensure operator safety. Removable side and rear panels permit easy maintenance and cleaning of the unit. An upper fan system is incorporated, to circulate air through the system at all times, to help with helmet drying and deodorizing.

Racing Gear

Safety is a must for adults and kids at our RaceParX facilities. We provide all your racing needs from dot approved helmets, head socks, racing gloves, and more!

Race zone racing gear

Drift Tracks

Our RaceParx innovative drift track mats are a material specifically developed for us. It  combines  the ski slopes with that for rental karts. Our mats are available for both indoor and outdoor kart tracks.

 Go-karts reach new levels on the RaceParx drift track! Drivers can drift perfectly on the mats. It provides a lot of fun for kids and adults. Who is the next formula drift champion? Different colors are available! Let’s drift with RaceParx.

  • Sideways drifting.
  • Smaller amount of space for a new format of adrenaline and fun for youngsters.
  • Target: 4 to 35 years of age
  • Simple and immediate staffing

Arcade Games

In collaboration with PrimeTime Amusements, RaceParx is proud to offer a complete line of commercial and residential arcade games. From Atari games, basketball, air hockey, skeeball, classic, and more!


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